World of Mouth: The Sprint Merger Postponed for September

Reuters has claimed in a recent report that the negations between T-Mobile, Sprit, SoftBanck and Deutsche Telecom will take place longer than expected. The companies are spending their time working on a case to bring before the US regulators who have appeared to dislike the idea of a merger.

Deutsche Telecom and SoftBank have managed to reach a consensus. The German company is going to receive 40 US dollars for each share. The companies have even gone for a break-up fee if the deal lacks success. The bank has spent a lot of time working with various financial institutions in order to get the funds it needed. It has also secured its back by making it sure that it will have the necessary funds for the eighteen months following the merger.

Reuters says that the companies are willing to sustain their position with solid arguments since the merger is going to face a difficult regulatory scrutiny. This is no surprising news. Once the financial problems are solved, the only obstacle against the merger is the possible opposition of the regulatory body.

It has been said that the merger is going to be made public during the summer. However, the details of the report hint that the merger would probably be postponed for this coming autumn.