Top iPad and iPhone Games of July 2014

The month of July 2014 was a real treat for game enthusiasts due to the amazing games made available by developers. iOS gamers received amazing ports and highly original and challenging games.

Fates Forever is a five star game with an amazing MOBA scene and with the tournament having prizes of 10,000,000 US dollars. Fates Forever became the ultimate game when it became available for iPads. The game functions very well on these mobile gadgets. The game has new heroes and lots of new action added throughout the game.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite can be purchased for the price of 14.99 US dollars. This game is available for iOS gadgets and the best part is that it can be played for hours without getting bored at all. It is an amazing game having a very good port. Mobile users were not particularly fond of Monster Hunter due to the “claw” that was needed to manage it on the PSP. This problem has been solved with the help of the two virtual analog type sticks.

Another five stars game is the one named Traps n’ Gemstones which can be bought for the sum of 4.99 US dollars. Donut Games are amazing because users have the possibility to download almost anything the games make. Despite their simplicity, the games are great fun. The game also has some traits typical for the Metroidvania games.

For the price of 9.99 US dollars game enthusiasts can buy the Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein. It is a very complex game, in the same manner as the Crisis in Command series. There are not many differences between this game and previous ones like Drive on Moscow or Battle of the Bulge. However, strategic players might like them a lot.

Hellraid: The Escape is available on iOS gadgets for the price of 2.99 US dollars. This is a first person puzzler located in the famous Hellraid world. The game is a pleasant experience due to its wonderful graphics, complicated puzzles and hint system.

Action fans can purchase the Modern Combat 5: Blackout for 6.99 US dollars. The Modern Combat series has been highly appreciated by gamers since its first release. This game is designed for multiplayer fans. It has also got single player campaigns for “lone rangers”. However, in order to experience the game at its best a player should get into gunfights with other online players.

Those who look for freebies will definitely be pleased with the Sky Force 2014. The game is a very well done reboot of the 2004 original game. The graphic is up to nowadays standards although the free of charge aspect might make some players a bit too precautious. It should not since lots of users say that it is worth the downloading troubles.

The famous PC shooter World of Tanks has finally got its mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz and it is all for free. The game, which was launched last month, describes perfectly the World of Tanks universe. It has got an amazing free to play system and the entire IAP feels optional.

There is no time to get bored for gamers.