The UK Movie Theatres Boycott Google Glasses Immediately After Market Release

Vue together with the Association for Cinema Exhibitors gathered in order to ban Google Glass in Cinemas over the UK making references to robbery and copyright concerns.

Vue has said that it will ask cinemagoers to take off Google Glass when the lights inside the film lobby are turned off, while the Exhibitors’ Association has been even more severe and has demanded movie theaters around the country not to allow their clients to wear the special Google Glasses into silver screen halls paying little mind to whether the film is playing or not.

Google Glass was launched on the UK market for the price of £1,000. An early user of the eyewear has effectively been confronted with an unpleasant circumstance when being asked to take off his goggles in a London movie theatre located in Leicester Square.

Google is not at all satisfied with the boycott and has urged films to treat their Glass as they would treat a cell telephone – “basically ask wearers to turn it off before the film begins”.

Google suggests that the complainers ought to test the Glass before they devise any proposal to hinder the utilization of the eyewear in specific locations. Mountain View contended that Google Glass is not a very powerful recording gadget since the “screen lights up at whatever point its enacted”.

This implies that if a filmgoer is recording the film in a silver screen amphitheater while the whole lobby is not illuminated, their Glass will definitely be spotted from quite a distance and it will stick out just like any other sore thumb. Furthermore, the eyewear is not perfect at all for recording films from beginning to end because the battery runs out in no more than 45 minutes, if the user has dishonest intentions.