Samsung UA65HU9000 UHD TV: The Curve that Takes Your Breath Away

The electronics giant, Samsung has just hit the market with three new curved UHD televisions sets. Buyers can choose between the fifty-five, sixty-five and seventy-eight versions. The most important characteristic of these television sets is that they have a resolution that overcomes four times the one of a full HD TV.

Design and Characteristics

The sixty-five inches television set has a curved design. The television has a slim “silhouette” due to its thin case while the curve screen offers equal viewing from every single angle. The watching television experience is enhanced due to the panoramic effect. The speakers as well as the woofers are located in a glass finish and have a power of sixty Watts. The base is made of metal and it perfectly fits the curved screen.

There are only two cables that are plugged into the back panel. One of these cables is for the power up and the other for the One Connect Box. This box brings together all exterior connections such as Blue Ray players, HDMI type connections, cables and STB setup. All these form one cable that is plugged at the back. The UHD Upscaling feature boosts the quality of the picture by means of noise lowering, signal analysis and enhancement of details. The SD, HD or full HD are converted into a UHD picture.

Test pointed out the picture quality delivered by UHD television sets is extraordinary. When HD movies run on the television set, viewers have the pleasure to experience richer colors and a sharper clarity of motions. The dark scenes can be viewed better. Viewers have said that the UHD content really makes the difference. Thus, when the television is infused with UHD the difference is enormous. Every single shade and color seems real, touchable. Background objects can be seen in detail and with extreme accuracy. This is due to the AutoDepth Enhancer which has the ability to identify the foreground, mid and background of an image. The Enhancer can split the image and can modify the contrast, color as well as brightness so as to create a unique viewing.

In most cases digital television channels are not very well displayed on TV sets having screens with high resolutions. The situation is different with the Samsung television. The upscaler modifies the image, turning it into a pleasant one. The Samsung Smart Hub can display videos uploaded on YouTube or on Vimeo. In order to make the television a smar gadget, Samsung has included within it the Multi-Link. Thus, if a person is watching a film or a football match, the Multi-Link has the ability to slide the content in one part and on the other to display the video from the YouTube or an internet page.

The Samsung television has a sports mode. Due to this feature the sound changes automatically to surround mode. Thus, the viewer has the impression that he is watching a match on a stadium. The UHD comes with a camera and mike. Thus, the user can control the television with his/her voice or with various finger gestures.

Samsung has created an amazing television with beautiful design, high picture quality, amazing resolution and great speakers.