Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Its Amazing Display

More and more users are abandoning the laptop computers and the notebooks in favor of tablets. The company that has best sense this trend is Samsung, which has invested a lot in creating unrivaled tablets. It is true that Apple produced the first series of tablets called iPads and it had no rivals until Samsung step into the game. Thus, the Korean company came out with its Galaxy Note series which is accompanied by either a stylus or and S-Pen and its Tab series which does not have an S-Pen.

Samsung really wants to point out that it is the best in crating tablet gadgets. They did this with the Tab S 8.4 and the Tab S 10.5 which were the first tablets functioning on the Super AMOLED technology. Samsung has relied on LCD panels like all other companies, but now it has the capacity to produce large AMOLED screens and they definitely took advantage of this ability of theirs to leave competition behind.

The Super AMOLED technology is backed up by a new Inforgraphic since buyers acquire a tablet for the viewing experience. The users want a big and clear display to see all the details of their videos.

The display belonging to the Galaxy Tab S is so rich in color due to the Super AMOLED technology. Samsung is no longer using the LCD technology like all the other gadget producers. The LCD is incapable of producing light all by itself while the AMOLED can make use of self-emitting diodes as well as controllable pixels in order to get a faster reaction. Because of this the display has a contrast that is both higher and deeper. All details can be seen better and the viewing is much wider.

The Korean company really likes colors and this can be seen from the fact that the Super AMOLED screen manages to cover about ninety per cent of the Adobe color scale. Due to the advanced technology the colors on the display seem very real.

Samsung also brags about the lightness of its Tab series. Thus, the Tab S 8.4 version has only 294 grams while the 10.5 variant has 465 grams.