John Chen Uses Samsung Knox to Censor Android Security

Lately, at Google I/O, the organization stated that they would cooperate with Samsung in order to consolidate the KNOX as a premise for their security of their Android L. KNOX is accessible just with Samsung gadgets at this moment, but when Android L is released, KNOX will add a security plus to the running system.

This decision will definitely help Google to deliver Android all the more rapidly into the legislature, military and the undertaking world, since there is a colossal open door for development.

Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen has made several remarks on Google’s choice to fuse Samsung as part of Android’s most recent running system, the Android L. As indicated by John, while Blackberry supports the endeavors of its rivals (Samsung and Google) in the security area, it does not consider their efforts sufficient for the security of companies and enterprise.

John Chen has declared that the aim of Blackberry is to make specialists more advantageous and associations as secure as possible. He has also pointed out that the company he runs admires both Google and Samsung for the arrangements that have managed to make, it does not consider it enough for the security of ventures. He advises to give a closer look to various companies that have spent three decades to develop security as well as gainfulness. Thus, when the day comes to an end nobody should be taken aback by individuals that can trick the security system. He has also advised the readers to analyze the organization that have already gained success in this field.

Though, Blackberry would have taken into consideration that the internet giant license a few of its IP so as to enhance the security of the Android and its ecosystem, declared Chen. Thus, according to his declarations, Blackberry surely wants to obtain a license for its patents. For the time being, Google has joined forces with Samsung in order to secure the protection of its entire ecosystem.

In the meantime, Blackberry will keep battling and pointing the business sector to make its clients understand that their ecosystem is more secure when compared extant for Android and iOS.