A New Google Innovation for iPhones: the 360 Photo Application

Google has decided to make a surprise for the iPhone users and has released an iOS alternative for its Photo Sphere application. This app has the ability to take 360 degree photos and then puts them together so as to great a huge panorama which can be made viral with the help of Google Maps.

This application was available only for users of Android gadgets. However, Google has decided to attract new users even if they are not the possessors of phones running on its operating system. The application is pretty simple to use. Thus, the user has to access the application and then move the camera. The huge yellow dot within a circle indicates which area to be photographed next. The final image can be made viral by means of Google Views. The GPS geo-location marker permits the photos to be searched for on Google Maps. The Google Photo Sphere permits the users to scroll the final pictures. This is by far a better experience than putting together 2D photos.

One disadvantage is that a person might appear several time in the final picture is he/she was moving when the photos was taken. Unfortunately, the Photo Sphere cannot be used as a profile picture on Facebook. It can be looked at only on website or by means of Google applications. It cannot be sent via an email. In order to view a panoramic photo taken with the Photo Sphere the users sends a link via email and the receiver can see the photo online. The photos cannot be backed up as if they were normal pictures.

For the time being the Photo Sphere application is available for both iPhones and iPads without charges in the App Store.