The UK Movie Theatres Boycott Google Glasses Immediately After Market Release

Vue together with the Association for Cinema Exhibitors gathered in order to ban Google Glass in Cinemas over the UK making references to robbery and copyright concerns.

Vue has said that it will ask cinemagoers to take off Google Glass when the lights inside the film lobby are turned off, while the Exhibitors’ Association has been even more severe and has demanded movie theaters around the country not to allow their clients to wear the special Google Glasses into silver screen halls paying little mind to whether the film is playing or not.

Google Glass was launched on the UK market for the price of £1,000. An early user of the eyewear has effectively been confronted with an unpleasant circumstance when being asked to take off his goggles in a London movie theatre located in Leicester Square.

Google is not at all satisfied with the boycott and has urged films to treat their Glass as they would treat a cell telephone – “basically ask wearers to turn it off before the film begins”.

Google suggests that the complainers ought to test the Glass before they devise any proposal to hinder the utilization of the eyewear in specific locations. Mountain View contended that Google Glass is not a very powerful recording gadget since the “screen lights up at whatever point its enacted”.

This implies that if a filmgoer is recording the film in a silver screen amphitheater while the whole lobby is not illuminated, their Glass will definitely be spotted from quite a distance and it will stick out just like any other sore thumb. Furthermore, the eyewear is not perfect at all for recording films from beginning to end because the battery runs out in no more than 45 minutes, if the user has dishonest intentions.

Samsung UA65HU9000 UHD TV: The Curve that Takes Your Breath Away

The electronics giant, Samsung has just hit the market with three new curved UHD televisions sets. Buyers can choose between the fifty-five, sixty-five and seventy-eight versions. The most important characteristic of these television sets is that they have a resolution that overcomes four times the one of a full HD TV.

Design and Characteristics

The sixty-five inches television set has a curved design. The television has a slim “silhouette” due to its thin case while the curve screen offers equal viewing from every single angle. The watching television experience is enhanced due to the panoramic effect. The speakers as well as the woofers are located in a glass finish and have a power of sixty Watts. The base is made of metal and it perfectly fits the curved screen.

There are only two cables that are plugged into the back panel. One of these cables is for the power up and the other for the One Connect Box. This box brings together all exterior connections such as Blue Ray players, HDMI type connections, cables and STB setup. All these form one cable that is plugged at the back. The UHD Upscaling feature boosts the quality of the picture by means of noise lowering, signal analysis and enhancement of details. The SD, HD or full HD are converted into a UHD picture.

Test pointed out the picture quality delivered by UHD television sets is extraordinary. When HD movies run on the television set, viewers have the pleasure to experience richer colors and a sharper clarity of motions. The dark scenes can be viewed better. Viewers have said that the UHD content really makes the difference. Thus, when the television is infused with UHD the difference is enormous. Every single shade and color seems real, touchable. Background objects can be seen in detail and with extreme accuracy. This is due to the AutoDepth Enhancer which has the ability to identify the foreground, mid and background of an image. The Enhancer can split the image and can modify the contrast, color as well as brightness so as to create a unique viewing.

In most cases digital television channels are not very well displayed on TV sets having screens with high resolutions. The situation is different with the Samsung television. The upscaler modifies the image, turning it into a pleasant one. The Samsung Smart Hub can display videos uploaded on YouTube or on Vimeo. In order to make the television a smar gadget, Samsung has included within it the Multi-Link. Thus, if a person is watching a film or a football match, the Multi-Link has the ability to slide the content in one part and on the other to display the video from the YouTube or an internet page.

The Samsung television has a sports mode. Due to this feature the sound changes automatically to surround mode. Thus, the viewer has the impression that he is watching a match on a stadium. The UHD comes with a camera and mike. Thus, the user can control the television with his/her voice or with various finger gestures.

Samsung has created an amazing television with beautiful design, high picture quality, amazing resolution and great speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Its Amazing Display

More and more users are abandoning the laptop computers and the notebooks in favor of tablets. The company that has best sense this trend is Samsung, which has invested a lot in creating unrivaled tablets. It is true that Apple produced the first series of tablets called iPads and it had no rivals until Samsung step into the game. Thus, the Korean company came out with its Galaxy Note series which is accompanied by either a stylus or and S-Pen and its Tab series which does not have an S-Pen.

Samsung really wants to point out that it is the best in crating tablet gadgets. They did this with the Tab S 8.4 and the Tab S 10.5 which were the first tablets functioning on the Super AMOLED technology. Samsung has relied on LCD panels like all other companies, but now it has the capacity to produce large AMOLED screens and they definitely took advantage of this ability of theirs to leave competition behind.

The Super AMOLED technology is backed up by a new Inforgraphic since buyers acquire a tablet for the viewing experience. The users want a big and clear display to see all the details of their videos.

The display belonging to the Galaxy Tab S is so rich in color due to the Super AMOLED technology. Samsung is no longer using the LCD technology like all the other gadget producers. The LCD is incapable of producing light all by itself while the AMOLED can make use of self-emitting diodes as well as controllable pixels in order to get a faster reaction. Because of this the display has a contrast that is both higher and deeper. All details can be seen better and the viewing is much wider.

The Korean company really likes colors and this can be seen from the fact that the Super AMOLED screen manages to cover about ninety per cent of the Adobe color scale. Due to the advanced technology the colors on the display seem very real.

Samsung also brags about the lightness of its Tab series. Thus, the Tab S 8.4 version has only 294 grams while the 10.5 variant has 465 grams.

Noile umidificatoare de camera cu ultrasunete sunt eficiente?

In articolul de azi vom incerca sa raspundem la intrebarea daca sunt sau nu eficiente umidificatoarele de camera cu ultrasunete si unctia de aromaterapie. Daca nu stiti ce sa alegeti intre un umidificator de camera  si un difuzor de ulei aromaterapie,ei bine,o sa fiti socati cand o sa aflati ca singura diferenta dintre cele doua este design-ul :).

Ambele modele au la baza aceeasi tehnologie si anume tehnologia ultrasunetelor,care transforma apa in vapori de abur rece.Pe piata exista urmatoarele modele: umidificator camera, umidificator aromaterapie,umidificator camera copii.

Principala diferenta intre cele trei modele este aceea a design-ului,urmata de pret. Umidificatoarele de camera sunt cele mai ieftine,dar din punctul meu de vedere sunt cele mai eficiente,pentru ca au un rezervor cu mult mai mare fata de umidificatoarele aromaterapie care au un rezervor de cel mult 600- 700 ml la un pret aproape dublu fata de umidificator de camera simplu. Umidificatoarele de camera cu aromaterapoe sunt laudate prin capacitatea lor de a fi folosite impreuna cu un ulei esential pentru a degaja un miros placut in incapere,dar asta nu inseamna ca sunt singurele umidificatoare care pot face acest lucru. Puteti adauga uleiuri esentiale solubile in apa fara nicio problema si intr-un umidificator camera simplu,astfel facand o economie semnificativa de bani.

Umidificatoarele de camera copii,sunt practic acele umidificatoare de camera simple,dar cu un design special pentru camera copilului in forma de presonaje din desene animate.Pana si aceste umidificatoare de camera copii au un rezervor de apa destul de mare,aproximativ 2.8l,ceea ce le confera o durata indelungata de functionare fara intrerupere fara a necesita reumplerea rezervorului

A New Google Innovation for iPhones: the 360 Photo Application

Google has decided to make a surprise for the iPhone users and has released an iOS alternative for its Photo Sphere application. This app has the ability to take 360 degree photos and then puts them together so as to great a huge panorama which can be made viral with the help of Google Maps.

This application was available only for users of Android gadgets. However, Google has decided to attract new users even if they are not the possessors of phones running on its operating system. The application is pretty simple to use. Thus, the user has to access the application and then move the camera. The huge yellow dot within a circle indicates which area to be photographed next. The final image can be made viral by means of Google Views. The GPS geo-location marker permits the photos to be searched for on Google Maps. The Google Photo Sphere permits the users to scroll the final pictures. This is by far a better experience than putting together 2D photos.

One disadvantage is that a person might appear several time in the final picture is he/she was moving when the photos was taken. Unfortunately, the Photo Sphere cannot be used as a profile picture on Facebook. It can be looked at only on website or by means of Google applications. It cannot be sent via an email. In order to view a panoramic photo taken with the Photo Sphere the users sends a link via email and the receiver can see the photo online. The photos cannot be backed up as if they were normal pictures.

For the time being the Photo Sphere application is available for both iPhones and iPads without charges in the App Store.

Cloud Messaging Opt-In for the Privacy of Xiaomi Clients

Xiaomi, the top smart phone producer on the Chinese market had to apologize to its clients after the unveiling of the fact that the company was actually gathering information on the users of a service similar to iMessage. The company also had to do some very important changes in order to provide its clients a security plus.

Last week the security company called F-Secure accused Xiaomi of gathering data on its clients by means of the Cloud Messaging platform belonging to the company. F-Secure said that the Chinese electronics company was collecting information such as users’ telephone numbers and other date used for identification. The platform sends the text messages via Xiaomi servers and not by means of the carrier networks. In this way the users can send the messages free of charge. The entire system is very similar to iMessages belonging to Apple. In a Google+ post, the vice-president of the company Hugo Barra said that the company did not save the information on its users. Therefore, they took the decision to turn the platform into an opt-in one so as to put an end to privacy concerns. He also admitted that the services used SIM and other identification data in order to route the messages. However, he denied all accusation of Xiaomi storing person user information on its own servers.

The over-the-air upgrade of the Cloud Messaging service belonging to the Chinese manufacturer started to function on the 10th of August 2014. The upgrade offers Xiaomi customers to opt in for the messaging service. It also gives them a security plus as all the phone numbers are encrypted once the Xiaomi phone possessors use the Cloud Messaging servers.

This is the first privacy issues that Xiaomi has to face. The Chinese company had excellent selling results not only in China but also on some other major markets. In China, Xiaomi has managed to be the number one smart phone seller topping the much more experienced Samsung. Xiaomi has not arrived yet on the US territory.

MIUI OS belonging to Xiaomi functions on top of Android produced by Google. The system incorporates various Xiaomi services. The Cloud Messaging is one of them. Barra did not say anything about major changes brought to the messaging system. However, he apologized to Mi users.

F-Secure has been contacted in order to give its opinion in the upgrade. For the time being there has been no reply from the company.

Samsung is about to launch the Ultimate Rival for iPhone 6

Samsung is working on a smart phone which is said to be the ultimate rival for the so much awaited and talked about iPhone 6, the 4.7 model. After weeks of speculations the Samsung phone has finally been spotted in documentation for FCC. This implies that the phone is about to hit the stores.  The documents belonging to FCC were discovered by Phone Arena. According to these the new Galaxy Alpha will be smaller than its predecessor the Galaxy S5. Users would probably like this 133 mm by 67 mm smart phone which perfectly fits pockets, even the tight ones. Unofficial reports say that the smart phone will be much slimmer than its iPhone 6 rival, which is said to be rather tick for nowadays standards.

The new Samsung phone will probably have a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 720p. The processor will be of the octa-core Exynos. The random access memory will be equal to two gigabytes. The phone will be operating on the Android 4.4 KitKat version. The phone will come equipped with a twelve megapixel camera. Unlike other Samsung gadgets, the Galaxy Alpha will have the body made of a mixture of metal and plastic. However, the metal will be used only for the side and not for the case as well.

There are many rumors about the specs of the new Galaxy device, but these are not confirmed by the FCC document. However, FCC makes it clear that the smart phone will attract users due to its near field communications, LET support and Bluetooth 4.0 of the LE type support. The handset will also have a dual band for Wi-Fi connection.

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to be presented on the 13th of August. Users will probably find the Samsung phone on store shelves in a few weeks from now. Two Galaxy Alpha versions have been identified on sites belonging to Samsung user agents. The Korean Company has not announced the name of the U.S. carriers that will deliver the smart phone nor the price.

The version presented for FCC seems to be the international model of the Galaxy Alpha, numbered SM-G850F

Top iPad and iPhone Games of July 2014

The month of July 2014 was a real treat for game enthusiasts due to the amazing games made available by developers. iOS gamers received amazing ports and highly original and challenging games.

Fates Forever is a five star game with an amazing MOBA scene and with the tournament having prizes of 10,000,000 US dollars. Fates Forever became the ultimate game when it became available for iPads. The game functions very well on these mobile gadgets. The game has new heroes and lots of new action added throughout the game.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite can be purchased for the price of 14.99 US dollars. This game is available for iOS gadgets and the best part is that it can be played for hours without getting bored at all. It is an amazing game having a very good port. Mobile users were not particularly fond of Monster Hunter due to the “claw” that was needed to manage it on the PSP. This problem has been solved with the help of the two virtual analog type sticks.

Another five stars game is the one named Traps n’ Gemstones which can be bought for the sum of 4.99 US dollars. Donut Games are amazing because users have the possibility to download almost anything the games make. Despite their simplicity, the games are great fun. The game also has some traits typical for the Metroidvania games.

For the price of 9.99 US dollars game enthusiasts can buy the Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein. It is a very complex game, in the same manner as the Crisis in Command series. There are not many differences between this game and previous ones like Drive on Moscow or Battle of the Bulge. However, strategic players might like them a lot.

Hellraid: The Escape is available on iOS gadgets for the price of 2.99 US dollars. This is a first person puzzler located in the famous Hellraid world. The game is a pleasant experience due to its wonderful graphics, complicated puzzles and hint system.

Action fans can purchase the Modern Combat 5: Blackout for 6.99 US dollars. The Modern Combat series has been highly appreciated by gamers since its first release. This game is designed for multiplayer fans. It has also got single player campaigns for “lone rangers”. However, in order to experience the game at its best a player should get into gunfights with other online players.

Those who look for freebies will definitely be pleased with the Sky Force 2014. The game is a very well done reboot of the 2004 original game. The graphic is up to nowadays standards although the free of charge aspect might make some players a bit too precautious. It should not since lots of users say that it is worth the downloading troubles.

The famous PC shooter World of Tanks has finally got its mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz and it is all for free. The game, which was launched last month, describes perfectly the World of Tanks universe. It has got an amazing free to play system and the entire IAP feels optional.

There is no time to get bored for gamers.

World of Mouth: The Sprint Merger Postponed for September

Reuters has claimed in a recent report that the negations between T-Mobile, Sprit, SoftBanck and Deutsche Telecom will take place longer than expected. The companies are spending their time working on a case to bring before the US regulators who have appeared to dislike the idea of a merger.

Deutsche Telecom and SoftBank have managed to reach a consensus. The German company is going to receive 40 US dollars for each share. The companies have even gone for a break-up fee if the deal lacks success. The bank has spent a lot of time working with various financial institutions in order to get the funds it needed. It has also secured its back by making it sure that it will have the necessary funds for the eighteen months following the merger.

Reuters says that the companies are willing to sustain their position with solid arguments since the merger is going to face a difficult regulatory scrutiny. This is no surprising news. Once the financial problems are solved, the only obstacle against the merger is the possible opposition of the regulatory body.

It has been said that the merger is going to be made public during the summer. However, the details of the report hint that the merger would probably be postponed for this coming autumn.

The Curved 4K TV of Samsung Available for 120,000 US Dollars

The super-sized Samsung UN105S9W television having 105 inches can be preorder at the price of 120,000 US dollars. The enormous television set was presented for the first time during the 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show.

The television was first called the 105U9500 but then it changed its name into UN105S9W. The TV set has a curved 4 K which goes hand in hand with an LCD screen and back made of wood. The curved 4K is probably one of the most expensive television sets on the market. However, Samsung wants to add more to the experience of watching a film or a show and it is ready to hit the market with a personalized setup created by the Samsung Field Engineers. Samsung says that it takes twelve weeks for the TV to arrive at its owner’s house once the order has been placed.

The huge television was first announced in the month of January. The event took place after LG presented its 105UC9. The LG television is much cheaper than the Samsung TV, being sold at the price of 70,000 US dollars.

The new TV also has Samsung’s UHD Dimming and Precision Black. Due to it the colors are richer and the black stands out better. It also features a Quad Screen mode with four HD televisions on a single screen. The television watching experience is enriched by the aspect ratio of 21:9. This is a better match for super-sized screen than the usual 16:9.  The television has a much higher resolution equal to 5,120×2,160, meaning eleven million pixels. All this is the result of the TV’s wideness.

There is only another 21:9 television set available for US buyers. This is the fifty-eight inch Vizio XVT3D580CM which was launched in 2012.

The television sets with a curved screen hit the electronics market in 2013. The firsts to appear were the OLED televisions produced by Samsung and LG. Similar to the other television sets with a curved screen produced by Samsung, the UN105S9W does not function on the OLED technology. It uses the common LED LCD.

Customers have to remember that curved televisions sets are something new and they have to adjust to their strange shape. Those who long for a big screen also must keep in mind that investing in a projector might be wiser since the experience is the same or even better.